Ukraine to Chemically Castrate Pedophiles | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Ukraine to Chemically Castrate Pedophiles


Then what to do about female pedophiles...

Tian Shan

...circumcise, infibulate, or forced clitoridectomies? Genital mutilation won't solve the problem. The problem is still in their head.

Female Pedophilia / Female Pedophiles -- Put that into your search engine.

"We have to get away from believing in the typical image of a paedophile - a middle-aged, balding man wearing a dirty raincoat," says Zoe Hilton, policy adviser for child protection with the NSPCC. "It's important that we don't become fixated with this image. It blurs the real extent of sexual abuse and can make it difficult for children to speak out. Child abuse is very prevalent in society, and it comes from a range of sources, including those people whom society views as maternal and nurturing: women".

Female Pedophiles ~ The BIG List Documentary {Part 1} (Mirror)
“Over the past four decades our corrupt and deceitful corporate-owned mainstream media, in cooperation with feminists and women's groups, have very effectively conditioned the public with propaganda with respect to how we view men. The only women who know the truth about female sexual predators are the mothers of the male children who have been sexually molested by a female predator. Remember that for every video clip you see about a female committing a sex related crime, there's a hundred news articles for which a video of a female predator was never made. This documentary dispels the belief that only men are capable of sexual exploitation of children”. (3.00 - 3.48)

Most 2010 victims were maltreated by a parent (81.2%). Other perpetrators included relatives other than parents (6.1%), unmarried partners of parents (4.4%), and other unrelated adults (3.8%).1

Approximately 95% of all youth reporting staff sexual miscon-duct said they had been victimized by female staff. In 2008, 42% of staff in state juvenile facilities were female.

5.Mother-Son sexual abuse

6.Female Pedophiles
"More women (58%) than men (42%) are perpetrators of all forms of child maltreatment".

Child Maltreatment
"In 2012, 54% of perpetrators were women and 45% of perpetrators were men".



I would choose to hang them upside down at the main public square, and set them alight, after a good stoning.