UN General Assembly adopts Russia’s resolution on countering cybercrime | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

UN General Assembly adopts Russia’s resolution on countering cybercrime

The UN General Assembly adopted Russia’s resolution on "Countering the use of information and communication technologies for criminal purposes, official representative of the Russian mission to the United Nations Fedor Strzhizhovsky told reporters. "The resolution gives rise to searching and forming a response to one of the pressing global threats - the problem of cybercrime," the diplomat explained. "At the first stage, this decision envisages the launch of a broad political and legal discussion on this topic in the UN General Assembly with the involvement of the UN Secretary General," he added. Another 36 states became co-authors of the resolution. The Russian initiative has received wide inter-regional support, including BRICS, CSTO and SCO countries, and many states in Africa, Latin America and Asia. "It is worth noting that the United States and the EU countries voted against, which, it turns out, for some reason are not interested in common decisions in this area," Strzhizhovsky said. "Nevertheless, now that the resolution has been adopted, we expect that the dialogue on the UN platform will be as representative and constructive as possible. We urge everyone to work together productively," he concluded.