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'US blames Iran for rising fuel prices'

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So, Obama imposes sanctions on Iran, then when the resulting shortage drives oil prices up, it's all Iran's fault? Are these White House staffers on drugs or something?


Are they on drugs?


It's a drug all right and furthermore it's habit forming and known to cloud the user's judgement. The name is Zionistostin. Once becoming hooked on it, withdrawal is practically impossible.

"Let me be clear. The robust gas prices the American folks

uppity serf

are currently experiencing - it's not a surge in gas prices, it's an augmentation. I learned that one from my girl Condi. And just as soon as we rape the natural resources of the next African country, sh*t that no white president could ever get away with, prices will stabilize, more or less. You can take that to the bank, aight?" Head held high and proud, wild applause from Obamazombies, Congress jumps up and maniacally claps like trained sea lions. (As O walks off, an alternative media guy catches: "Suckers!" snicker, snicker...) Alternative media guy is dead w/in 24 hours.

"Well you wouldn't even know a diamond if you held it in your hand. The things you think are precious I can't understand."

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