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US Commander Sees Economic Improvement as Key to Afghan Victory

An an interview with USA Today, the top US commander in Afghanistan General Stanley McChrystal expressed hope that the continually worsening violence in Afghanistan could be curbed if the US was able to improve the economy enabling them to find jobs.

The strategy isn’t exactly novel. Indeed, as with its massive ground offensive in the Helmand River Valley last month the US seems to be taking a page out of the Soviet Union’s playbook. Roughly eight years into its own failed occupation of Afghanistan the Soviets began to pump enormous amounts of money into boosting Afghanistan’s largely command economy in the hopes of buying off the insurgency with jobs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This policy bankrupted the old Soviet Union, as it is about to do to the US government.

We're got a broke, dysfunctional and corrupt government where the game is always rigged in the favor those allegedly representing the people of this country.

We the People have been pushed to our limit; that's why you are hearing such legitimate anger pouring out at these town hall meetings.

And US politicians seem to have their collective heads so intently shoved up a very warm, dark place, that they refuse to acknowledge that it is their spectacular failure of leadership which has brought this country to the brink of collapse.