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US: Financial woes no excuse in funding Afghan war

Even in a global financial crisis, the world cannot afford to skimp on its obligations to Afghanistan, which wants to double the size of its army but will never be able to pay for it, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says.

Gates said some characterizations of backsliding in the 7-year-old Afghan war are too dire, but he said violence is up.

The global financial crisis should not let donor nations off the hook, Gates said.

"They'll have to weigh the consequences of not doing it," Gates said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bush's endless "wars without end" have fueled the international economic downward spiral. For Gates to make these ludicrous comments in public makes one wonder about his mental state.

And a small pop quiz for Sec Def Gates; who was the last military leader capable of invading - and holding - the territory now described as "Afghanistan"?!?

Alexander the Great.