US judge revokes stay on Demjanjuk deportation | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US judge revokes stay on Demjanjuk deportation

The World Jewish Congress welcomed Iskra's decision on Monday.

"Demjanjuk may be old and frail, but so are many Holocaust survivors whose lives were destroyed by the likes of him. They rightly demand justice from those who murdered their loved ones 65 years ago," WJC President Ronald Lauder said. "There are no excuses for any further delay in this case. No Nazi war criminal still alive should feel safe anywhere in the world."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is an incredibly arrogant statement by the WJC, presuming that Demjanjuk simply must be guilty as charged before he has had a trial.

And remember, we have been through this before. Israel already accused Demjanjuk of being "Ivan the Terrible". Demjanjuk was deported, tried, CONVICTED, only to have evidence surface proving Ivan the Terrible was somebody else.

Israel has crossed the line from retribution to persecution. The specific claim this time is that Demjanjuk took care of the dogs at one of the camps. But what is really at stake is that Israel refuses to accept that they made a mistake in the Ivan the Terrible case, and needs Demjanjuk to be convicted of something, anything, so that the mistake with the Ivan the Terrible accusation does not cast doubt on the many other accusations made against other possibly innocent individuals.

After CAST LEAD, one would think Israel would pick their battles more carefully, but apparently they are willing to raise on a busted flush, because the continued persecution of Demjanjuk only makes Israel look petty and vindictive.