U.S. Magistrate Michael Merz in Hot Seat for Ignoring RICO Portions of SLORP BoA Fraudulent Foreclosure Appellate Decision. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

U.S. Magistrate Michael Merz in Hot Seat for Ignoring RICO Portions of SLORP BoA Fraudulent Foreclosure Appellate Decision.

Thursday, May 21, 2015
KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Magistrate Merz in Dereliction of Duty in Busby Foreclosure Case by Ignoring Binding Case Law of Slorp v. Lerner, BoA & MERS.

Dear Magistrate Merz: You are intellectually bankrupt for trying to apply only the portions of Slorp that obtain against Patty Busby as you refuse to take Judicial Notice of the rest of Slorp. I might file a Judicial Complaint against you my damn self now that I finally figured out what you just did. Little People in America have to stand up to Judicial abuse from people like you. When I practiced Judges could run roughshod over me with little to no consequence but the Internet changed all of that. Just ask Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty when I embarrassed her in to recusing herself for not telling me she worked at the same law firm as Kelly Ayotte in a Free Press lawsuit. And not only that, she worked directly under my opposing Counsel. Watch this video about her little backdoor recusal

Now then: Ohio Southern District Magistrate Michael Merz sure is making some shady moves in my opinion, choosing not to review his own case law or recent binding precedent from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. What he did was only apply Slorp to the FDCPA elements and nothing else, then refused to take Judicial Notice of the rest.

I put it right out there in the video. I just don't care anymore because Judges need called out when they do shit like this. It ruins whatever integrity was left in the system.

Here is more about the cases (Troy Doucet, Esq. website + 6th Circuit Appellate Decision) and here is more about the dirty law firm of Reimer & Arnovitz. They're so dirty they know they can't sue me for Defamation so they have to let it slide because any Jury would be giving me daps and asking for my website information.


Christopher KingMay 21, 2015 at 9:38 AM
Today's email to Gallagher-Sharp:

Magistrate Merz shady in Busby case: He can't pick and choose which portions of Slorp to apply.
6 minutes ago 9:30 AM
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It took me a while to figure it out, but I figured it out and when or if this case hits the Sixth Circuit the shit will hit the fan.


Gone are the days when a Magistrate or Judge can just run roughshod over people without consequence. Just ask Landya B. McCafferty. I embarrassed her in to recusal. Lost the war but I proved my point about bias corruption and deceit.

And you as a brown brother Justin, and a new attorney you need to know how dirty things can be out here for people. I practiced in that very same Federal Court and suffered unspeakable indignity for no lawful reason. You can ask Monica but look I am a straight shooter and I am going to tell it as it is, and Merz can't be picking and choosing which parts of Slorp to apply in order to run Patty Busby out of Court. There will be a massive education campaign about this case in the coming months it will be a household name in Ohio.

As I told that Judge 17 years ago when I whupped up on two prosecutors (one of whom was a friend of mine the other of whom -- Rob Tobias -- refused to shake my hand):
"We're in the Modern Era, Your Honor."