US Military Concerned ISIS Fighters Returning to Caribbean Could Reach Border | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Military Concerned ISIS Fighters Returning to Caribbean Could Reach Border

I keep posting the following comment, but it keeps getting deleted, which is a confirmation, or sorts, about the true intentions of the "ISIS in America' and JADE HELM rumors now percolating through the Internet...

It is well known by any knowledge person, every intelligence agency on the planet, that the US/UK and Israel are behind the creation and sponsoring, through their Saudi and GCC paymasters, the Islamic terrorist organizations now running rough-shod on the planet.

Operations from Afghanistan to Chechnya, Bosnia to Africa, 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan Libya, Syria and the neo-NaZis in the Ukraine...sewing terror, running drugs, white slaving and organ trafficking everywhere they they are insinuated. Committing genocide against Christians, Muslims, Buddhist communities, women and children, any one opposed to the Luciferian cult now carrying out this New World Order Holocaust.

As a result, I can only suspect that the same horrific crimes being carried out elsewhere will now be visited upon the still very Christian United States, most likely using cartel assets, dressed up as "Arabs", that can now be found on both sides of the US/Mexican border now made more porous due to the Obama Administrations immigration policies.

US soccer moms on their way to day-care to drop off the kids won't even know what hit them. God damn you to hell for the treasonous participation in the destruction of your own country.