US Navy Proposes A "Global Show Of Military Force" As A Warning To China | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Navy Proposes A "Global Show Of Military Force" As A Warning To China

Now it's the US turn to respond, and according to CNN, the US Navy's Pacific Fleet has drawn up a classified proposal to carry out a global show of force as a warning to China and demonstrate the US is prepared to deter and counter their military actions. The draft proposal from the Navy is initially recommending the US Pacific fleet conduct a series of operations during a single week in November.

The navy's goal - whether with or without the White House's prodding - is to carry out a highly focused and concentrated set of exercises involving US warships, combat aircraft and troops to demonstrate that the US can counter potential adversaries quickly on several fronts.

Even without knowing the details, one can easily see how this can go horribly wrong. It only gets worse from there.

The plan suggests sailing ships and flying aircraft near China's territorial waters in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait in freedom of navigation operations, to demonstrate the right of free passage in international waters. Naturally, the proposal means US ships and aircraft would operate close to Chinese forces.