US Is Picking & Choosing The Afghan Opium Trade Winners | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Is Picking & Choosing The Afghan Opium Trade Winners

Via Derrick Crowe, I see that accused war criminal and narco-warlord Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum has rejoined Karzai's government from exile in Turkey. In 2001, according to Physicians for Human Rights, he and his men stuffed thousands of prisoners into metal containers, suffocating most and shooting any who survived. Because he was on the CIA's payroll, the Bush administration discouraged any investigations even after the mass grave of the victims was discovered. Karzai trusts him to deliver more than 1 million Uzbeck votes in Thursday's election.

Yet recently the US military said it was going to hunt down fifty drug traffickers believed to be allied to the Taliban, leaving even supporters of the occupation going "wtf?".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The occupation is all about pipelines to control the flow of Eurasian oil, and protecting the drug trade.

That's what our American kids are fighting, getting permanently maimed, and dying for, plain and simple.