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US Prepares For "Aggressive" High-Seas Crackdown On North Korea Sanctions Violators

The Trump administration is coordinating with key Asian allies to crack down on ships suspected of violating sanctions imposed on North Korea, Reuters reports.

The joint effort between the U.S. Coast Guard and regional partners including Japan, South Korea, Australia and Singapore, would go further than ever before to physically block deliveries of banned weapons, components for its nuclear missile program and other prohibited cargo. Suspected violators could be targeted on the high seas or in the territorial waters of countries which cooperate with the coalition. Up to now, suspect ships have been intercepted on a far more limited basis.

Depending on the scale of the campaign, the U.S. might even devote a portion of air and naval power from the Pacific Command - though the plan would stop short of a full naval blockade according to officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Boarding another nation's ships in international waters without permission constitutes an act of piracy under maritime law.



The North Koreans will....

Ethan Allen and...

fight if the US or it's flunkies try to board their ship.I can see a lot of dead Americans and Koreans over this stupid move. The NK's could also do another Pueblo and capture or sink one of these vessels. Really stupid move.

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