US to Propose UN Authorize Ground Raids into Somalia | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US to Propose UN Authorize Ground Raids into Somalia

A Bush administration proposal to allow foreign forces to go ashore into Somalia to hunt the country's notorious pirates is getting a cool reception from U.S. military leaders, regional analysts and some Somali officials.

The proposal — which Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is expected to put forward Tuesday at the United Nations Security Council — is the boldest yet aimed at stopping the pirates, who've hijacked 55 ships this year, secured tens of millions of dollars in ransoms and kneecapped maritime trade between Europe and Asia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Considering just how brilliantly the UN mandate in Iraq went, the UN would be collectively mad to approve of such a proposal.

Let us hope the "cool reception" extends to a permanent deep-freeze on this kind of cowboy, knee-jerk proposal on the part of the US government.

This is not about the piracy, or "protecting" the Somalis from an impending Islamic government (which hasn't gone very well for the US-backed Ethiopian occupation, or the Somali people, thank you very much).

This is about getting a Somali government in place which is sympathetic to western development of the country's vast untapped resources.