US Says No Trade Talks At G-20 Unless China Makes Early Concessions: FT | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Says No Trade Talks At G-20 Unless China Makes Early Concessions: FT

In accordance with what has become a time-honored Trump Administration tradition, officials from within the administration - and presumably speaking on behalf of President Trump - told reporters at the Financial Times that the US won't talk trade with China at the G-20 summit unless Beijing produces a detailed list of possible concessions as gesture that his side is serious about finding a resolution that CEOs, the IMF and, increasingly, investors worry could dampen economic growth and finally trigger a correction in US stocks. The report comes four days after Larry Kudlow, Trump's top economic advisor, said talks at the G-20 were being discussed. "We have been negotiating on and off and it has been unsatisfactory thus far...maybe, I want to underscore maybe Jonathan, there might be a meeting between Trump and Xi down in Buenos Aires".

Kudlow said he doubted there would be any talks before the meeting (China canceled what would have been the fifth round of talks last month). But since he spoke, the US-China relationship has only further unraveled as Vice President Mike Pence accused China of "meddling in American democracy" and blasted China's supposed "debt diplomacy", "currency manipulation" and "IP theft."