US takes the war into Pakistan | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US takes the war into Pakistan

The approval given to the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by the administration of President Barack Obama to expand drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal regions is on face value a declaration of war by the US inside Pakistan. The move comes at a time when Pakistan is trying to win some breathing space to delay an all-out operation in North Waziristan, home to powerful militant groups and an al-Qaeda headquarters.

The CIA was given authority on Wednesday to expand strikes by unmanned aerial vehicles against low-level combatants, even if their identities are not known. Obama had previously said drone
strikes were necessary to "take out high-level terrorist targets".

However, official figures show that more than 90% of the 500 people killed by drones since mid-2008 were lower-level fighters; in effect, the new approval simply legitimizes the current situation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How many countries does the US have to invade before it's a world war?!?!?

And please remember: US extrajudicial assassinations simply fuels Pakistanis' smoldering hatred against the US and Pakistani governments, causing retaliation against Pakistani and US targets.

That, in turn, fuels more US extrajudicial assassinations, and the cycle starts all over again.

Whatever outcome here the US wants cannot possibly be characterized as either stability, or economic progress for the Pakistani people.