US tells Russia to scrap 9M729 missile or modify it — Department of State | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US tells Russia to scrap 9M729 missile or modify it — Department of State

Russia should return to compliance with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty by either scrapping its 9M729 missile system (NATO reporting name SSC-8) or altering it in a verifiable manner, US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Andrea Thompson said on Thursday. The Department of State official once again reiterated the demand to Russia to get back "to full and verifiable compliance". "The SSC-8… has the range that's not in compliance, so either you rid the system, rid the launcher or change the system or it doesn't exceed the range," she told reporters during a conference call. "And that and only that would go ahead and let them be and verifiable, to have eyes on that once that occurs," the US diplomat went on. "But again, to reiterate, the ball is in in Russia's court. We we can't do that for them, they have to take that that initiative." According to Thompson, the United States has informed Russia about the steps it expects from Moscow. "There's a series of next steps we have we've outlined that Russia knows what those are, and we do as well. It's part of the treaty provisions when we signed when we signed the INF. We've got interagency process taking next steps," she said. According to the official, the US administration was looking into a number of scenarios, suggested by some members of the arms control community for solving the issue. One of those includes Russian inspections of the US Aegis Ashore systems and their possible modification so it couldn't fire Tomahawk missiles. Russia, in its turn, could permit an inspection of the ground-launched 9M729 cruise missile and maybe make modifications so that its range would be more limited...