U.S. Vice President Pence Heading to Seoul, Is US Attack against North Korea “On Hold”? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

U.S. Vice President Pence Heading to Seoul, Is US Attack against North Korea “On Hold”?

On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence heads to Seoul, part of a 10-day Asia trip to include Japan, Indonesia and Australia visits. A White House statement said he’ll “arrive in Seoul…on April 16,” return home on April 25.
Trump launching aggression on North Korea risking nuclear war while his vice-president is in East Asia seems unlikely.

For now, he’ll most likely continue tough talk, saber rattle off North Korea’s coastline, pressure China and impose more sanctions. What comes later remains to be seen.

An unnamed White House foreign policy advisor said Pence will meet with South Korea officials on Pyongyang’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, arriving the day after the DPRK’s Day of the Sun national holiday, commemorating Kim Il-sung’s 105th birthday, the country’s founder.
The White House has contingency plans in case Pence’s trip coincides with Pyongyang’s sixth nuclear test, the White House added without further elaboration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although Steven Lendman is one of my favorite peace and social justice bloggers, I respectfully disagree with him on this.

What more perfect timing could possibly be picked for the US military creating a "false flag" bombing of something, than when Vice-President Pence is in South Korea, blaming it on North Korea, and off we go.....


risking nuclear war while his


risking nuclear war while his Vice President is in East Aisa seems unlikely .

(*Every bit As Unlikely as stating to the world that Assad could stay in Syria , 48 hours before attempting to "deliver" 60 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles , to Assad in Syria )

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