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USA Plunges To 10th Place In World Competitiveness Rankings

The decline of the American empire has been outlined to readers over the years.

A new report shows the US has stumbled into the new decade, losing a competitive economic edge that it had firmly retained in the post–World War II economic expansion.

For the second consecutive year, the US has been dethroned as the world's most competitive economy, thanks partially to President Trump's trade war. The US now ranks 10th (3rd in 2019), according to the Institute for Management Development's (IMD) new report on the ranking of most competitive world economies.

"Trade wars have damaged both China and the USA's economies, reversing their positive growth trajectories. China this year dropped to 20th position from 14th last year," IMD said.

The annual rankings, now in their 32nd year, show Singapore, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong as the top five most competitive economies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are moments (becoming more frequent as this year moves forward), when I have to wonder at the "wisdom" of this administration's trade policies, and why they are doing things the way they are.

I can tell you one thing, however; whatever these policies are supposed to be doing for American small business, they are doing the polar opposite for legitimate small businesses in this country.