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The Vaccine Deep State. Impacts of Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines

The media refuses to accept that those who have been vaccine damaged, or who have children who will suffer for the remainder of their lives from adverse vaccine events, have a legitimate right to speak their truth rather than being labeled as hysterical or crazy. All of these individuals and parents were pro-vaccine until they or their child became vaccine-injured. Similarly we saw the New York Times manufacturing consent for accepting falsehoods that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. And this was true across the mainstream outlets including the Washington Post, Fox, MSNBC, CNN and others. The Times fabricated that rationale to the public on behalf of the neocons in the Bush administration who were determined to have a war. None of the journalists publishing these lies have taken responsibility nor lost a night’s sleep because their fakery led to the death of millions.

Similarly the CDC and the media, which has drunk the vaccine regime’s Kool Aid, is attempting to cast a net around those who oppose their authority by labeling them anti-vaxxers. It is not unlike being opposed to our invasions in Iraq, Libya and Syria and then being accused of being undemocratic and opposed to freedom because that is the moniker the government promoted to initiate its wars and foment regime change. The logic is completely reversed in order to generate and execute a faux public consensus.

Unlike the theatrical charade of America’s political discourse, when narrative directly impacts government-supported private financial interests, such as the pharmaceutical industry sales, then open freedom of speech and debate are smothered.