Venezuela’s Maduro Jogs with Military at Dawn: ‘Time Has Come to Fight’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Venezuela’s Maduro Jogs with Military at Dawn: ‘Time Has Come to Fight’

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro told his military on Thursday that the “time has come to fight” against the U.S.-backed opposition, days after opposition leader Juan Guaidó announced the desertion of various military personnel from the regime.

Addressing soldiers at the National Armed Forces Military Academy in Fort Tiuna, the socialist dictator insisted he retains the widespread support of his armed forces, despite the partial military uprising against him.

“Soldiers of the country, the time has come to fight and set the example before the world by defeating attempted coup plotters who sell themselves to Washington dollars,” he declared. “To say that in Venezuela there is a loyal and cohesive armed force like never before.” Maduro continued:

No one can be afraid, it is time to defend the right to peace. I told the people yesterday, too, the path that the coup leaders propose: a civil war? Machine gun versus machine gun? Tank against tank? That we kill ourselves as brothers? Is that the alternative they propose to Venezuela? Assaulting political power and ignoring the Constitution? No, this cannot be our path.