Victims of Gov't Abuse, The Health Hazard Next Door | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Victims of Gov't Abuse, The Health Hazard Next Door

The Health Hazard Next Door
My neighbor's house, infested and garbage-filled, has been condemned. But nobody will do anything about it.
by John Davidson Published: Aug 26, 2009
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So the SWAT guys kicked in the front door and disappeared into the house. A couple minutes later a tall guy in his mid-30s came stumbling out and the cops came out behind him holding their arms over their faces, gagging. They slammed him onto the hood of a nearby car, punched him in the kidneys a few times, slapped on handcuffs, threw him into an unmarked SUV and sped away. It wasn't long before we discovered why the cops had come out gagging. The broken door stood open, revealing the horrifying interior of the house: bags of rotting garbage piled 4 feet high, rats and mice and feral cats everywhere, flies swarming around piles of human feces.