VIDEO: How Russia’s Cartoon Industry Fights Neoliberal Degeneracy | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

VIDEO: How Russia’s Cartoon Industry Fights Neoliberal Degeneracy

The unexpected success of Russia’s cartoon industry in recent years, especially with the Masha and the Bear cartoon series, has brought the long-awaited revival to Russian cartoonists. With Western MSM (mainstream media) pushing for the increasingly despotic regulation in media space, including the cartoon industry, this is a breath of fresh air. With over 4 billion views, one of the Masha and the Bear episodes is in the top 5 most popular YouTube videos.

With the utterly deranged policies of the allegedly “leftist” SJWs (“social justice” warriors), even the once-proud classics of the Western cartoon industry succumbed to the pressure of their suicidal neoliberal policies. This has become quite worrisome to tens of millions of parents in Western countries. The prospect of neoliberalism promoting degeneracy to their kids is a very motivating factor to find alternatives. Largely immune to the agenda of the Western MSM, Russian cartoon industry is precisely that. A healthy alternative with no depraved hidden agenda or subliminal endgame with potentially catastrophic consequences for the children’s minds.