[Video] McCain says 'F**K YOU' To Reporter !!? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

[Video] McCain says 'F**K YOU' To Reporter !!?

His eyes say it. His reaction says it. Lindsey Graham hears it. You can see it in his reaction. Can YOU hear it? You don't actually have to hear it when someone abuses you. Or attacks you. They can do it with a look - with a glare - by ignoring you.

Yes, John McCain said 'fuck you' to a woman reporter from the Wall Street Journal - before she asked her question - before she started - by ignoring her presence. A serious reporter about to ask a question. From THE nation's top business newspaper. Do you think he has an anger management problem?

THIS, after he just talked about being pissed off that both the democrats and the republicans weren't sitting down to talk together about the issues.

Is this how he treats women in general ??

One look at Lindsey Graham's reaction and you KNOW he knows this is extremely inappropriate behavior for a presidential nominee - not to mention a Senator.

Is this the kind of 'let's get together and openly discuss the issues' kind of person you can really BELIEVE?

I can't say anymore than the video says. If you can't see John McCain saying 'fuck you' to that reporter, then take it from Lindsey Graham's face.

Oh, he said it. He said it... with every ounce of his being.

Presidential enough for you? . . . .