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Videos on 9-11 Being an Inside Job

I find it so unbelievable that even well-informed journalists still think that Bush is just incompetent and that 9/11 was coincidental to allow Bush to attack Afghanistan and Iraq and establish a strong base for fascism in this country.
If you look at the people that Bush hired you will see that they have been waiting for the right moment to implement their plans which have been in place for at least 30 years. Bush appointed 32 Israeli dual citizens to his administration, mostly in foreign affairs and Middle Eastern affairs posts.
There has been a plan in place to militarily take over the oil in the Middle East for over 30 years.
As long as well respected supposedly alternative journalists continued to speak as if 9/11 was perpetrated by Arab terrorists, then nothing can change their plan for the continued establishment of fascism and globalization with one world government and one monetary system.