Violent Intruders Attack Brooklyn Synagogues | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Violent Intruders Attack Brooklyn Synagogues

On Monday, according to Yeshiva World News, an Arab man in his mid-30s entered Boro Park's 'Sephardish Shul' and began making proclamations of jihad. Members of a Jewish volunteer security organization, the Shomrim, apprehended the threatening individual. They held him until police officers arrived at the scene, arresting the suspect. Detectives spoke with the "Middle Eastern man" at a station house near the synagogue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This has "setup" written all over it. Yeshiva World News identifies the perp as Arab, but note that the Detectives would only identify him as "Middle Eastern" (which includes Israeli) and did not release his name.

And neither attack detailed in this report caused any injuries or damage, just headlines.

This smells just like the hate crime hoax seen in Venezuela not too long ago; a blatant attempt to regain the role of victim after Israel's brutal attack on Gaza.