A violinist in the Metro | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

A violinist in the Metro

This article has haunted me since I read it last year.. In other words, the greatest artists in the world never get recognized, because they are not connected to the Jewish artists co-op with booking agents and promo people.. In other words.. Why don't we look at the Jewish Zionist connections of the talent that is out there?..

The Art game is the same game as the News Game.. Only Jewish Zionist artists are allowed to make the Big Time, or 'Become News Anchors'.. Or Movie Stars for that matter.. Unless you are connected to Zionism/Communism you go nowhere in America.

The greatest modern up to date paintings in the world are in thrift shops with a price of a hundred bucks cash.

The trash propaganda art of the 'Chosen Ones' That destroys family, that destroys morality , and destroys decency.. are at Sotheby's

Those are the artists that make the Big Time.. Everybody else that paints paintings, that sculpts in marble, that composes songs of truth against injustice in this world. and is against Israel, and for Palestine suffers.. Not to mention the writers, and poets that are banned from the mainstream media, and all mainstream publications..

This article hit the heart of hearts.. The truth.

I played on street corners and campuses for ten years. There is a lot of talent out there. Only the Zionist talent make any money.. If you are an anti Zionist you starve in the Arts... THEY CONTROL WHAT YOU SEE, AND WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE.