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Virtues Reinvented Social Engineering the New Vices

It is often lamented that our public schools and universities no longer teach virtue to their students. But that is not really the case. Most students in America today have had the virtues of tolerance, environmentalism, egalitarianism, and multiculturalism instilled in them since before they could read. They have also been assured that smoking is the greatest personal vice of the modern age.

What strategy is Screwtape employing today to confound our understanding and prevent us from triumphing over, or even recognizing, the characteristic sins of our age? On what specific planks is his program founded?
Intolerance, Elitism, Ethnocentrism, Homophobia, Sexism

If our country is to recover its heart and soul and return to the values and traditions that made it strong, we must have the courage to shatter the current tyranny of politically correct language. Only when we are prepared to be "intolerant" of corrupt moral standards, "elitist" in affirming genuine standards of excellence, "ethnocentric" in upholding the enduring ideas of Western civilization, "homophobic" in standing for marriage and the natural family, and "sexist" in professing the Judeo-Christian view of the sexes, will we regain a true and correct understanding of virtue and vice. Only then will we be able to rebuild what has been broken. •

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