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Washington dissatisfied with Baghdad

MOSCOW. (RIA Novosti political commentator Maria Appakova) - Iraqis have once again not lived up to U.S. expectations.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers decided to introduce new amendments to the draft of the U.S.-Iraqi strategic partnership agreement concerning the possible withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

This will inevitably result in resumed U.S.-Iraqi talks, despite the fact that recently both parties stated that they had reached a compromise that was to be officially adopted only.

It is likely that finishing negotiations is something the next U.S. president will have to deal with, and Iraqis are anxiously awaiting who will win the White House. Washington seems to be so disappointed that it has dropped hints about suspending its operations in Iraq. But can it allow itself to behave like a petulant girl?

"There is great reluctance to engage further in the drafting process," U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the press. "I don't think that the door has been slammed shut, but I would say it's pretty far closed," he added.