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Watch Congressional Members Get Confronted On US-Led Regime Change Efforts In Venezuela

Is Congress attempting to keep a check on the executive's foreign policy adventurism especially as we inch closer toward yet another unnecessary military intervention, this time in Venezuela? Or perhaps the better question is, when has it ever?

Journalist Max Blumenthal recently went to Capitol Hill to find out with camera in tow. And like with Libya, Syria, or Ukraine before, it appears the greater the hawkishness, the greater the ignorance. Blumenthal confronted Congressional members who admitted to US "meddling" in the Latin American country, but who can't figure out if it's "good meddling or not" — as one befuddled and confused lawmaker responded.

Amidst Russiagate fever, the Grayzone's Max Blumenthal heads to Capitol Hill to ask members of Congress if they think the US is meddling in Venezuela's political system. The Trump administration had recently recognized the president of the country's National Assembly as interim president of the nation and intensified sanctions on the country. — Grayzone Project

The irony of course is that these very Congressional members, perhaps reflecting much of the broader American public, have been obsessed with alleged 'Russian meddling' in the US over the past two years yet don't give a thought when it goes the other way — that is, America's penchant for meddling in other nations, even to the point of military-led regime change and covert coup attempts.

To meddle or not to meddle? Predictably it was a basic assumption among most political leaders interviewed by Blumenthal that Washington alone has a right to intervene, hence the laughable term bandied about the interviews — "good meddling".