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Watch Tulsi Gabbard Wipe The Floor With A Well-Known War Hawk

Let's face it: despite one notable exception at Fox, Tucker Carlson, the conservative network remains stacked with war hawk pundits — especially when it comes to Washington's longtime arch-villain Iran. Almost two decades after 9/11, and after the rise of ISIS — both long documented to have had the hidden hand of Saudi state Wahhabism behind them — the US hawks still insist Tehran is the real global threat while "Riyadh is our friend".

Which is why it was so refreshing this week to see the thorn in the establishment Democratic presidential nominee Tulsi Gabbard so expertly and with ease dismantle Fox's remnant neocon talking points on Iran. As we've covered many times before, what makes her non-interventionist and anti regime change arguments so effective is that she herself has "skin in the game" — to use Taleb — as an Iraq War veteran and current Army reserve officer. She appeared on Fox where longtime anchor Neil Cavuto sought to skewer her recent biting criticisms of the Trump administration for acting like "Saudi Arabia's bitch" and not with "America first" in mind (a US foreign policy trend spanning administrations over decades).
“Look Neil, I’m a soldier,” Gabbard began after Cavuto went on the offensive. “And I took an oath as a soldier as well as a member of Congress to support and defend our Constitution of the United States, to serve the American people.”

“And it’s a huge disgrace to hear our commander-in-chief basically put us in a position —the American people, our men and women in uniform, our military assets — in a position where we are servants of the Saudi kingdom. Standing by and awaiting their orders on how we should proceed.

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