Watching the convention is like seeing a bad divorce | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Watching the convention is like seeing a bad divorce

The Democratic National Convention that begins today in Denver looks to me less like the coronation of Barack Obama than a soap opera wedding. The kind everyone tunes in to for the fireworks.

Will Hillary use a planned reception of her delegates Wednesday to release them all to Obama, as news organizations have reported, before the roll call?

Or will she make the poor man sit there for an interminable count of her 1,600 faithful, holding his breath lest one of them throw a wingding on the floor of the convention?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After having watched Bill and Hill for a number of years, there's a bet I might possibly place: that she will "not go gentle into that good night" of meekly handing the nomination clearly to Obama at the convention.

If in fact she does wrest the nomination from Obama in a floor fight, she will destroy the Democratic party in the process, and hand the election to McCain.