WBCN and "The American Revolution" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

WBCN and "The American Revolution"

Created in The Spirit of Revolution
Shut down in the age of apathy ,

This may not seem like a relative story , but I think it is .
WBCN was created in 1968 , in the midst of the '60s revolution . In addition to playing selections from not only the rock genre , they went into all categories of music .
Moreover , they brought a form of alternative news to their listeners , more true to the events of the time then what the corporate outlets had to offer . It's been said that WBCN was the catalyst for what was known as underground radio back in it's time .
The end of 'BCN' , and it's great legacy did not happen last week , when it was shut down and removed from it's place on the Boston FM dial , 104.1 . It happened back when it was sold to CBS .
I feel this story is relevant , because WBCN would NEVER had been shut down back in the sixties , without a huge demonstration in the Boston Common . It WAS shut down in the 21st century without a murmur of dissent , and that is the story . Born In The Spirit Of Revolution , Shut Down In The Age Of Apathy
The keen observer , along with seekers of truth , should remember what slowly happened to WBCN over it's 41 year life span as a disturbing occurrence .