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We Need 7 More Congressmembers to Have an Official Impeachment Inquiry*

(*This depends on the concept that Conyers would actually honor his word which hasn't been the case up until now)

Kucinich to Renew Call for Impeachment Hearing
by Ralph Lopez
Wed Sep 10, 2008 at 09:42:01 AM PDT

On the eve of testimony by Harriet Miers before the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Dennis Kucinich will be holding a press conference at 1 pm EST today to renew his call for an official impeachment inquiry. This comes a day after Congressman Jim McDermott spoke on the floor in support of Kucinich's articles of impeachment against President Bush (H. Res. 1258). McDermott is the latest cosponsor, signing on the day after having met with citizen activists.


Invitation to Congressmen to Take a Place in History

Dear Congressman, September 10, 2008

This is to inform you of House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers' announcement to the National Impeachment Network on August 28, 2008 during the Democratic National Convention, that he will conduct an official impeachment inquiry on the Bush Administration upon the declared support of 40 US congressmen of any party. The objectives of the inquiry would be non-partisan and simple:

-To take the next step in holding the Administration accountable for the open defiance of the congressional subpoena of Karl Rove, a form of withholding evidence and obstruction of justice, which is what resulted in the adoption of an article of impeachment against President Richard Nixon. Defiance of congressional subpoenas is itself impeachable.
- The resultant full or partial restoration of the system of checks-and-balances. - To weaken the alarming legal precedents set by this Administration, such as those embodied in the legal theories of Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo, on the detention of American citizens as "enemy combatants" in the context of the indefinite "war on terror".

So far the following congressmen have co-signed one or more of three impeachment resolutions against either George Bush or Dick Cheney filed in the past year:

Name, District, Action: H. Res. 333/H. Res. 1258/Wexler letter to Conyers:

Abercrombie, Neil, HI-1 W
Baldwin, Tammy, WI-2 * 333/1258/W
Boswell, Leonard, IA-3 333
Brady, Robert, PA-1 333
Capuano, Michael, MA-8 W
Clarke, Yvette D., NY-11 333/W
Clay, Wm. Lacy, MO-1 333/W
Cohen, Steve, TN-9 * 333/W
Davis, Danny, IL-7 333
DeFazio, Peter, OR-4 W
Ellison, Keith, MN-5* 333/W
Farr, Sam, CA-17 333/1258/W
Filner, Bob, CA-51 333
Grijalva, Raúl M., AZ-7 333/W
Gutierrez, Luis V., IL-4 * W
Hinchey, Maurice, NY-22 1258
Kucinich, Dennis, OH-10 333/1258/W
Jackson-Lee, Sheila, TX-18 333
Johnson, Henry "Hank", GA-4 333
Kilpatrick, Carolyn, MI-13 333
Lee, Barbara, CA-9 333/1258/W
McDermott, Jim, WA-7 333
Moore, Gwen, WI-4 333
Moran, James P., VA-8 333
Payne, Donald, NJ-10 333
Schakowsky, Janice, IL-9 333
Stark, Fortney Pete, CA-13 333
Thompson, Mike, CA-1 333
Towns, Edolphus, NY-10 333
Waters, Maxine, CA-35 333
Watson, Diane, CA-33 333
Wexler, Robert, FL-19 * 333/1258/W
Woolsey, Lynn, CA-6 333/1258/W

With just seven more congressmen/women added to this list, we may be able to bring to Chairman Conyers the declarations of support that he has asked for.

We are of many opinions on many issues, from all parts of the political spectrum, Republican and Democrat. Our common aim is to restore the Constitution, our system of checks-and-balances, and to close the books on this administration with a vigorous push in the direction of the rule of law. We, the National Impeachment Network, invite you to be one of John Conyers' Forty Congressmen who will forever occupy an important place in the history of our nation. Please declare to Chairman Conyers that you will support his efforts, and become a co-sponsor of one or more of the standing resolutions for impeachment.