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Welcome to the Saudi Arabia First Campaign

The United States must operate in a world filled with ugly, brutal, and authoritarian regimes; but that doesn't mean it needs to cower to their whims.

resident Donald Trump doesn’t understand his chief responsibility as president. It is not to make deals and create jobs. It is to protect the security and liberty of Americans. By that standard, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a “truly spectacular ally,” as he claimed.

The president has had trouble confronting the obvious fact that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the KSA’s de facto ruler, is a brutal, even sadistic, murderer. Not by his own hands, of course, since MbS, as the crown prince is known, has plenty of minions available to do his bloody work. But it is no less cold and cruel to send a fifteen-man hit squad, including a medical specialist armed with a bone saw, and turn a consulate and consular residence into killing grounds. To use it against a man making mild criticisms of a system to which he once belonged and remained connected, was petty and vindictive.