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Welcome to the World's Largest Gold Vault

NEW YORK -- Gold. It's one of the oldest and most prized possessions we have. Egyptian pharaohs were buried with it, the Romans traded it and gold is even mentioned as a gift in the Bible.
There are roughly 540,000 gold bars belonging to 48 foreign countries and 12 international organizations in the Federal Reserve's subterranean gold vault.
(Courtesy Federal Reserve)

As stocks plummet and many realize they don't understand how their money is invested, some on Wall Street are turning to gold as a haven.

Who can blame them? Gold is something you can see, hold and fully understand. In the last two days, the price of gold shot up $110 to $892.70 an ounce.

Just a few blocks away from all the turmoil and panic of the stock market sits the world's largest stockpile of gold. Deep under the streets of Manhattan sits more gold than "James Bond" villain Goldfinger could ever imagine.

And I recently got a private tour inside the little-known vault.