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We'll All Be Driving Obamamobiles

GM used to use the government to try and put burdens on its competition. Once it had the capability for daylight running lamps at relatively low cost GM pushed to make them mandatory on vehicles sold in the USA. That effort failed, but imagine a GM owned by the government it is lobbying. How long could Ford survive in a market competing against a company owned by the people that regulate the industry? How long before BMW, Toyota, Honda, and others are forced out of the market and back to their home countries?

I remember laughing at cars built in the Soviet Union and other nations it controlled, the plight of the Cubans rebuilding their 1950s iron over and over again so they wouldn’t have to get a Lada. How long will it be now before Americans have to suffer the same conditions once the government uses the tools it has to eliminate the competition to its auto-manufacturing interests?

This reminds me, I have a lot of auto parts to order while I can still get them.