Western Media Persists in Propaganda About Iraq’s Purported WMD | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Western Media Persists in Propaganda About Iraq’s Purported WMD

The mainstream media is reporting that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein told his FBI interrogators after his capture that he lied about having weapons of mass destruction (WMD) because he feared Iran. But there’s just one problem with this claim: Saddam Hussein never claimed to have WMD, but , as everybody knows, repeatedly denied that this was so.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media stood shoulder to shoulder with the US Government as the US Government lied us all into a war of conquest. They had plenty of opportunity to do their real job and report on the obvious lies in company with the blogs. But the corporate media sold their souls for a free ride on air Force 1 and their name on the "A" party lists in DC.

And now the corporate media are trapped. They cannot go back and admit they helped the government lie us into a war that has already claimed so many thousands of our young people. They have no choice but to try to bluff their way through; to lie their way out of a mess they lied themselves into.

But, this is a new world. The image of an industry, a company, a politician, and indeed even that of a nation is no longer the illusion crafted by public relations people. The corporate media have lied themselves out of their ability to control the minds of the world. People use the internet to find out the facts and the internet does not suffer spin and propaganda (despite efforts by PR companies to the contrary).

The blogs see the world as it really is, not as the masters of delusions would present it.

But the corporate media cannot change sides. We are way past that point. So they are fighting a holding action; trying to prop up the lies, while their industry collapses around them from its own rot and decay.

They lied. They died. This pathetic attempt to re-sell the deception is the start of the death rattle.