WH erects screen blocking view of front entrance | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

WH erects screen blocking view of front entrance

As you can see the peoples house, has a screen covering the entire view of the front entrance.

Here is video of this screen shot, watch about 30 seconds and you will see this.

I wonder what historic precedent would precipitate the authorities at the peoples house to erect a screen blocking the view of the who was entering and exiting at 9:30pm EST?

It appears to me the White House looks more like the Kremlin than the peoples house that George Washington help build.

What is the White House hiding? I mean, is Jeff Gannon visiting? Or is it the PM of China?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How very odd!

There are secret tunnels to nearby buildings to get people in and out of the WH without being seen, but this looks like a large number of people are arriving; too many to use the tunnel.