What The Social Justice Coup Attempt At Yale University Looked Like | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

What The Social Justice Coup Attempt At Yale University Looked Like

Three days before Halloween, the Dean of Student Engagement emailed students with a request to be extra-sensitive about their selection of Halloween costumes. Erika Christakis, lecturer and Associate Master, followed up with her own email telling students to talk with each other if we find something offensive, questioning the culture of universities treating students as children rather than adults. For many students, the email puts her in the same category as David Duke and Calvin Candie.

The second incident: On Halloween, a black student visiting from Columbia University claimed she was denied entrance to a party hosted at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house. Allegedly, a member at the door told her, “white girls only.”

There is no proof whatsoever that the fraternity incident occurred. I’ve been to parties at every frat, including SAE, and they don’t give a fuck what race a girl is as long as she’s hot. Fraternities are now being pressured by both the administration and black female students to give public statements affirming their commitment to inclusion, and condemning racism and sexism.

However, it does not matter if the SAE incident occurred or not. What matters is the narrative. Fraternities are routinely accused of racism and sexism, and the accuser knew no one would dare question her accusation. These people have learned that if they shout “racism” no one will call them on their infantile behavior.