When Illegal Aliens & Dead People Vote – Elections Change | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

When Illegal Aliens & Dead People Vote – Elections Change

The research group Just Facts has released a study at postelection polling from the 2008 elections that put Obama in the White House.  The data has led to the conclusion that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is far greater than previous estimates.


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(*in The Middle East , had McCain won , Putin would be shut the "F" up, already , and we'd be calling the whole place Israel by now.
Now , Trump has been saddled, to shoulder the responcibility of making the nation great
Goldman Sachs Whitehouse Facility , at the ready to rubber stamp all requests from Tillerson , McMaster , and Mattis , Faking Putin Out with Bogus Ordinence Reports , and Tests , Psyching The Populace To Applaud Every Move Trump makes , Making Us Content To Go Without Any Objective , Critical, Real NEWS About The CIC , Because Any Dissidence Towards "The Agenda" Is Being Met With Social Persecution , (*which IS NOT FASCIST , by the way . You want to know what fascism is ? I'll tell you , do you understand , that ?)
THIS IS THE TIME TO STRIKE ! if anyone tells you different, they must be libral)