Who's the 'Humanitarian Disgrace'? US Wants to 'Destabilize Entire Middle East' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Who's the 'Humanitarian Disgrace'? US Wants to 'Destabilize Entire Middle East'

President Trump's claim that Moscow, Tehran and Damascus are responsible for a "humanitarian disgrace" in Syria over the situation in Eastern Ghouta have led Russian international politics observers to ponder the implications of the remark, and what it means for the goals pursued by Washington in the war-torn country.

Speaking to reporters at a joint press conference with the Australian prime minister on Friday, the US president railed against Russia, Iran and the Syrian government, while claiming that the US was in Syria "for one reason…to get ISIS and get rid of ISIS and go home."

What 'humanitarian disgrace' was Trump referring to? Last month, the BBC accused the Syrian military of using chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta, a jihadist-controlled enclave in the Damascus suburbs, which the US and its allies have designated as 'rebels' despite their radical Islamist ideology. The BBC's claim gained traction with support from the US State Department. Amid the ensuing Syrian Army campaign to clear the area from the terrorists following the breakdown of a ceasefire, the US and its European allies called for an immediate ceasefire, citing the catastrophic humanitarian situation. The Russian Defense Ministry countered, pointing out that the militias were blocking civilians in the region, effectively turning them into human shields.