Why is America Attacking Islam? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Why is America Attacking Islam?

Attacking Islam, Revisited
An Update of a Published Article On March 21, 1994

One intelligent question we are asked over and over again and must be answered: ?Why is America warring against one Islamic country after another? Is it because Arabs are sub-human, as Israelis claim, or are Muslims terrorists as the American press subtly suggests; or, is it an anti-Islamic agenda among our nation?s leaders that they do not share with us?

Who cannot help but notice what the common denominator is in America?s serial wars; that Muslims are dying in almost every war. My hosts in Gaza were mostly Christians. They had long experience living and working among the Muslims. Some had themselves been Muslims. They asked me, could it be a coincidence that Palestine, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan are all Islamic countries, and each has suffered from war created or fostered or fanned to flame by the USA? Why, they wonder, would the US government single out Islam for destruction?

""The Warmakers selected the far flung nations of Islam as a replacement for the old Marxist-Leninist enemy long before the American people suspected the Cold War had "ended." With shocking abruptness, the Red Peril has "greatly abated" (some say it has disappeared) to be replaced by a new Green Peril -- green being the color of Islam. Meanwhile, the USSR is being remolded from the carefully tailored image of world super-enemy into the new role of international welfare urchin and "ally," to be rebuilt by the American taxpayer."