Why do we keep letting the politicians get away with lies? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Why do we keep letting the politicians get away with lies?

Not that we'll pay attention. And why should we when the Canadian department of national defence – in an effort to staunch the flow of Canadian blood in the sands of Afghanistan (93 servicemen and women "fallen" so far in their hopeless Nato war against the Taliban) – has brought in a Virginia-based US company called the Terrorism Research Centre to help. According to the DND, these "terrorism experts" are going, among other subjects, to teach Canadian troops – DO NOT LAUGH, READERS, I BEG YOU DO NOT LAUGH – "the history of Islam"! And yes, these "anti-terrorism" heroes are also going to lecture the lads on "radical (sic) Islam", "sensitivities" and "cultural and ideological issues that influence insurgent decision-making". It is a mystery to me why the Canadian brass should turn to the US for assistance – at a cost of almost a million dollars, I should add – when America is currently losing two huge wars in the Muslim world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the American people have the courage to make the cost of lies outweigh the benefits; when we have the strength to pry liars out of our public buildings and throw then into the streets hard enough to bounce twice in the most humiliating manner possible; when we chase the liars down those streets cheering at their coat of tar and feathers, then and only then will we have honest government.

And we will not have it one second before.