Why 'GQ' Doesn't Want Russians To Read Its Story | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Why 'GQ' Doesn't Want Russians To Read Its Story

Yes, it would appear that the FSB and Putin perpetrated the Moscow apartment bombings to consolidate power and fight the "muslim insurgents" in Chechnya who are reportedly backed by the CIA and MOSSAD. Russia's 911.

The parallels between the Moscow apartment bombings and 911 are really amazing: both were "inside jobs", coups to propel, consolidate a cabal into power. In Russia Putin, and here in the United States and the west the Bush family and his erstwhile allies the Israelis and their bankers; both using the muslim "strawman" as the boogie man to divert attention away from what was really happening.

But that is where the similarities end: In Russia Putin used his "911" to wrest power away from the Russian Israeli mafia that had taken advantage of Yeltsin's drunken stupid to rape and pillage the Russian economy; but here in the US 911 was used as the pretext to accelerate the formation of a police state to protect those about to pillage the US economy through de-regulation, a New World Order headed by Bush and his zionist, internationalist "Israeli friends".

The interesting news is: based on the current whinings of Dick Cheney, it would appear the Bushes stopped listening to him in Bush's second term; which could possible mean Bush woke up and smelled the coffee: in the end 911 only truly benefited Israel and international Jewish power, and did not propel third world nations like Russia and China into the NWO fold, and ended up making them stronger, by comparison, than the US. The world is still multi-polar.

So Putin was a patriot who committed this atrocity to preserve Russian sovereignty; while Bush went along with Cheney, Rumsfield, and Wolfowitz's plan to use 911 as a means to create a global ruling class that will likely see the destruction of the United States, leaving Russia and China as the world's preminent powers. So, who is the real traitor here?