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Why Iran “Came Clean” Regarding Its Role in the UIA-752 Tragedy

Iran should be commended for ceasing all disinformation activities aimed at covering up its role in the UIA-752 tragedy, but it didn’t do this just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it realized that its international reputation would continue to suffer if it hadn’t reversed its narrative course when it did and it also wanted to avoid the imposition of further sanctions against it for what happened.

Think what one will about the ethics of Trump ordering Maj. Gen. Soleimani’s assassination, but the US nevertheless had the wisdom to prohibit its planes from flying over Iraq, Iran, and some of the nearby waters shortly after Tehran’s carefully choreographed missile strike against two American bases in the region. Iran, meanwhile, continued to let flights function as usual through its airspace, which indirectly contributed to the tragedy. In hindsight, it should have behaved more responsibly by shutting down its airspace or at the very least warning the public (and not just the US through indirect back channels) what form its envisaged revenge was going to take.


Iran should have closed their airspace....

Ethan Allen and...

and what a mess they have on their hands now. Morons.