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Why Wikileaks Doesn't Add Up

One out of seven news outlets have noticed, thus far, that Wikileaks seems to have a "soft heart" when it comes to Israel and India. Zbigniew Brzezinski caught on, finally, declaring that Wikileaks is an "intelligence operation" using "pointed" information carefully "seeded" into a combination of minor scandals and chickenfeed.

There is absolutely no question for the press that Wikileaks is totally phony, we all know it, it is blatantly slanted, clearly not only anti-American but aimed at Islam, the easy target of all time. Wikileaks is also trying to be more and more clever about seeming less the Mossad "game theory" construct that we all know it is. The "clever" is fun to watch, more "ham handed" than esoteric.

Much of the press seems to have gotten "talking points" from somewhere, leading them to the material Brzezinski picked up when he "trashed" Wikileaks. We did the "math" on the Afghanistan leak. 80% of the stories to hit the media mentioned Pakistan aiding the Taliban. We did the actual count and found 38 reports out of 92,000 documents that were unsubstantiated reports of Pakistani activity in Afghanistan.

Something about this had a terrible smell. It should have taken weeks to find the Pakistan stuff but the press had it all immediately. Brzezinski is right, Wikileaks is something very wrong packaged to look very innocent. We saw the same thing in the Iraq "dump," all about imaginary secret agents from Iran.