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Wikileaks: Conspiracy Theory and the Assange Arrest

On a more curious and conspiratorial note, the Assange arrest is in the middle of the “news cycle downswing” of the Wikileak which has divided the journalist community. The third “dump” has received considerable attention for what was not “dumped,” and brought even more light on earlier Wikileaks which have now become suspect. Journalists either love Assange or believe he is a spy, part of a “psy-op” that is manipulating the press, partially through the convenient timing, not just of this arrest but earlier threats as well.

All have been timed to Wikileak “dumps” and all have had timing that makes them appear carefully choreographed to extend news coverage, raise controversy and add credibility to material which has been characterized as “seeded” by intelligence agencies with an agenda to discredit Islamic nations, push for war with Iran and derail Middle East peace efforts.