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Will Obama support democracy in Kyrgyzstan?

The Obama administration has been slow to recognize and cautious in supporting the provisional government whose method and legitimacy in taking power has been widely questioned. To be sure, it was not a peaceful democratic revolution, but this is no cause for the US to remain aloof.

The democratic activists who challenged Mr. Bakiyev’s authoritarianism had four primary demands: 1. an end to the president’s nepotism and cronyism, 2. the cessation of political persecution; 3. respect for democracy and human rights; and 4. an end to corrupt privatization of state assets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Obama administration might be less than enthusiastic about embracing the new government here because it demonstrates that when people have had enough of nepotism, cronyism, political persecution, disrespect for democracy and human rights, and privatization of public assets, they might just rise up against an unjust government as the only way possible to achieve change.

In this country, the Democrats and Republicans consistently entreat and attempt to reassure people that if only people vote for them, there will somehow, magically, be a change in the status quo for We the People.

However, intelligent observers of the American political scene understand clearly that this is not at all true.

Congress members have simply become an acquisition by the large corporations, and sometimes, the interests of foreign governments (as is the case with Israel). And the only real "party" which seems to exist is the War Party, because so many Congress members are so heavily invested in the very profitable defense industry. Those companies producing unique and varied products which kill and mutilate are very much in demand these days, as are the services of companies which provide contract mercenaries and military supplies.

Over the last 40 years, there has been a very deliberate transfer of wealth to the most wealthy, and that includes the millionaires in Congress and the Senate, who have absolutely no interest whatsoever as to what happens to their constituents, as long as their own financial agendas are served.

The high-paying jobs have been outsourced, leaving many with no way to pay the mortgage on the home loans for which they originally qualified completely. Homes are worth far less than they originally cost, leaving those home owners still standing "under water" with negative equity.

Infrastructure has been allowed to collapse; bridges, roads, levees, shorelines, hospitals, coal mines, oil rigs, and schools are all in horrendous states of disrepair, and there is no money left to fix them.

But of course, none of this really matters to our alleged Representatives in Congress.

They are completely cozy with Wall Street, as that is where a lot of their personal fortunes are made, because they have access to the best information they can possibly get. And of course, those Wall Street companies, in turn, contribute to their campaigns to keep intelligent regulation out of the industry.

And the bail-outs of the banks, etc., with public money?! That was to prevent their own fortunes from going south. What the bailout bill is going to do to you or your grandkids, financially, is none of their concern.

These consistent wars without end? Fought with public money for private profit

The war in Iraq (which shows every sign of exploding once again into horrendous violence) was about oil; yet, no American company actually got any rights to that oil.

The war in Afghanistan? Fought to "pacify" the Afghan people enough to install pipelines with which to control Eurasian oil, and of the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

The lesson of the successful Kyrgyzstan rebellion can be characterized as question which many thinking Americans are asking themselves right now.

If you continue to vote for national leadership, yet absolutely nothing changes, except for the stubborn worsening of your life because of crippling tax debt, the inability to find a decent job, further erosion of your civil liberties; if you find yourself trapped, desperately attempting to work within a system which is gamed against you; what then?!?!?