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World Condemns Israeli Attack On Anadolu Agency Office

A growing list of news agencies, advocacy groups and leaders condemned an Israeli attack on Anadolu Agency office, in the Gaza Strip, on Saturday.

Israeli warplanes hit the building with at least five rockets after firing warning shots, Anadolu Agency’s correspondent in Jerusalem reported.

No injuries or death were reported.

“The targeting of the Anadolu Agency office is the attempt to remove witnesses and prepare for the massacres of Israel against Gaza,” Ibrahim Melhem, spokesman for the Palestinian government told Anadolu Agency.

The Association of the Balkan News Agencies- Southeast Europe (ABNA-SE) and Athens News Agency has also condemned the attack.

“We condemn the attack against Anadolu Agency office in the West Bank,” Secretary General of ABNA-SE and President of Athens News Agency, Michalis Psilos said, in a statement.

“It’s urgent to defend press freedom against such attacks,” Psilos said.



dismantle Israel

Cactus Moon

It is obvious to all that Israel is a country of liars, murders and thugs of the most violent humans.

The answer is to occupy Israel, give all the housing to the Palestinians and let the reparations to the Palestinians begin and last forever.

What a bunch of scum.


Yep I have been there and seen it all for myself.

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