'Yelp for conservatives' MAGA app leaks users data | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

'Yelp for conservatives' MAGA app leaks users data

In media interviews, Scott Wallace, the app's creator said he built the app after a series of incidents where conservatives were forced to leave or take MAGA gear off to eat at restaurants or enter various businesses across the US.

But according to Baptiste Robert, a French security researcher who goes online under the pseudonym of Elliot Anderson (the name of the main character from the Mr. Robot TV show about hackers), the 63red Safe app is leaking almost all of its data.

Robert says the app's source code contains the credentials of its author, but also a list of API endpoints to which it connects to store or retrieve data.

This backend API doesn't use any form of authentication, Robert said. This means that anyone can look at the app's source code, get the API endpoints, and then extract data from the app's server with no challenge or restriction.


Now as far as the original Yelp...


...I wouldn't call it a scam outright, but it's inching rather close to the mark. As soon as my business stopped its monthly $$$ Yelp advertising, all of its dozens of reviews except a single one got pulled.