Before you take that antidepressant, visit this web site | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Before you take that antidepressant, visit this web site

Of course, there have always been murders, suicides, postpartum depression and veteran despondency. But parents killing children, children killing children, children killing parents and people killing their whole families wasn’t news-as-usual before SSRIs appeared in 1988, say anti-SSRI advocates.

“There are two cases of women who stabbed a man close to 200 times and a case of a man who stabbed his wife over 100 times and then went next door to the neighbor’s house and stabbed the neighbor’s furniture about 500 times,” says Henderson, a retired teacher who lives in Texas. “There is also a case of a woman close to 80-years-old who stabbed her husband 56 times and then stabbed herself to death. This kind of energy, rage and insanity was not seen before SSRIs.”

Just as startling as the ferocity of the SSRI-related violence is its bizarre, often unprovoked nature: A Midwest City, Oklahoma, woman accepted a cup of tea from an elderly nurse she had just met and then strangled her. A 12-year-old boy, left in his cousin’s car while she shopped at Target, killed her 5-week-old daughter for no earthly reason.